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Skills and Experiece



Digital and Broadcast | Journalism

As a reporter and talk show producer I help discover and expose the information people need and want in order to better understand the communities they live in. Working in private and public radio I’ve reported live from court, elections, and crime scenes and helped bring talk shows to life. As a print and digital reporter I’ve gone out into the community, interviewing people and capturing images to help my audience stay up to date on what matters.

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A copy of "Funding the Future - exploring the potential of crowdfunding as an alternative revenue source for journalism" - is available in PDF format by clicking on the image above. © 2014 Meredith O'Hara

Research | Crowdfunding and Journalism

My graduate thesis was an exploratory review of how Canadian journalists are using crowdfunding to support their work. The relatively new online fundraising system has already been used successfully by entrepreneurs and self-starters in industries as far ranging as music, charity, and technology. Journalists have begun to experiment with this model as a source of funding. While levels of success vary and in many cases seem to depend on the reporter’s reputation, the model continues to change and appears to be useful in numerous situations.



Telling stories with words and sound is one way of helping people understand the world around them but there’s a special kind of magic that comes from a photograph. A picture freezes a moment in time, and captures the story of that moment and maybe something more. I enjoy taking photos of events, landscapes, and landmarks - showing people what was and maybe helping to inspire what could be at the same time.

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